M-audio Fast Track Ultra 8R giving BSOD in Windows 10

So recently I had to format my PC because I made a boo-boo trying to install Linux Mint besides Windows 10 (might even post about that some day). It wasn’t a big issue because it gave me a reason to upgrade my 120GB SSD to a 500GB one.

Anyway, after I was done everything seemed fine. I had Windows 10 and most of my frequently used applications and drivers installed. I was a happy man once again. Out of nowhere though, Windows started showing BSoD’s (Blue Screen of Death) at least twice a day. Luckily, after a while I recalled having the same issue. It was due to the newest drivers (version 6.1.9) I installed for my M-audio Fast Track Ultra 8R external sound card.

After installing the older drivers, in my case: 6.0.10 everything work fine again, yay!

Drivers can be found at:




If you have a  M-audio Fast Track Ultra 8R with the newest drivers and Windows 10 is giving BSoD’s, please revert to older drivers.

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  1. Jake says:

    Thanks a bunch! I just bought a new machine with Windows 10 and the newest driver did not pick up any signal from the hardware even though I have the signal indicators showing up. I uninstalled that 6.1.9 and installed 6.0.10 and it is now functioning properly!

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